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Have you ever feel like you want to do something but you can't do it because you might waste your time on it, and you just sit there contemplating whether you should do it or not, but in the end, you still waste your time by thinking about it?

I do. In fact, I just did.

For three days, I just sat in front of the computer, opened my blog, and literally stared at it.

These days, I find it hard to concentrate. I contemplate, I can't stop fidgeting around, and I feel like my soul has been wandering around with no direction. Just now, I opened this post page to start writing and suddenly as if a light bulb lights up in my head, I decided to make a WordPress blog instead―kira acah macam nak beralih ke sana la. And yes I did make it, but then again I stared at my WordPress blog, thinking whether I have made the right decision (which I have yet find the answer) and in the end, sigh―here I am.

Don't worry, I'll find a way to end this confusion later.

A lot of things happened in these past 5 months (yeah sure) and I really wanted to share with you guys, but being my personality, the words got stuck in my throat and I actually haven't figured it out on how to vomit it haha.

So um,
  • I was assigned to Hospital PUSRAWI for a month for practical posting. The experience I had there was seriously different from what I had when I was posting in Taiping. There, I had to be extra cautious as there are patients with high-ranking professions and VIPs, etc. But in return, I received great knowledge and skills on how to handle patients and love from all the staffs there. Sadly we didn't get the chance to take many pictures due to stress with work.
  • I became a part of our university's first Charity & Color Run event committee (I was on the design team) and it was one of the best things that had happened to my life. I get to meet new people and be a part of something so great, I felt very useful for the first time in a very long time. I seriously had a great a time working together with them for the past 6 months.

    • So last week, I went out with my two best friends whom I haven't seen in a very long time ever since they moved away. Although we haven't met in many years, it didn't felt awkward at all. We talked like we've been in contact the whole time.
    • I met my two childhood friends at my friend's gathering. When I first got there, they were like staring at me and heard something about me being neighbors with them. So I stared back at them and after a long time, I realized that they were my best friends all along. One was staring for non-stop though, maybe he was half shocked-half amused to see so many changes going on me haha.

    Yes, my childhood friends were guys what do you expect from a kid tomboy like me lmao.

    • I also met my primary school friend who was once my neighbor, after 8 years. She's still the same person I know, only softer and sweeter.

    So that's just about it!

    And, I'll be heading to Segamat and Slim River starting next month for my next practical posting for two months. Guess this means I'll be getting busy again or maybe even busier since this marks the final year of my diploma studies so I can't promise you guys with more updates. Again, I'll try to find some time to post and maybe, even try to find some inspiration?

    Oh yeah, I didn't have a specific goal or resolution for this year. But if I were to achieve something, I would try to finish this;

    Pardon the cover. I bought this last year but never really had the chance to read it, sigh.

    Note #1: I find it hard to speak in English so I'm sorry if you find it awkward while reading this. And you may not believe it but I find myself more comfortable speaking in Korean, I don't even get myself.

    Note #2: I think I'm going to change my blog URL again and this means; losing followers. This correlates with the title above /winks/

    Note #3: Officially a My Day and a HiDden KARD yay!

    Till then.
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